Please donate however you can — small or large — for this tour.

People of all ages who come will benefit in a myriad of ways…
   ~ the sheer art and beauty
   ~ watching an unfolding of indigenous craft
   ~ learning about an ancient culture of Asia
   ~ absorbing the meditation experience
   ~ participating in the promotion of world peace

And donors benefit, too, with this meritorious gift, whether or not you can attend in person.

This tour is sponsored by the Kilung Foundation. We are collecting funds for the expenses of the tour (meals for the monks, transportation, etc). All additional monies not needed for the tour will automatically be utilized by the Kilung Foundation for its humanitarian projects in Tibet. In particular, the Foundation is currently raising funds for the rebuilding of the college (shedra) and community center in Kilung Valley, Dzachuka. See more at

NOTE: If you choose to donate through our GoFundMe account, it will not be tax-deductible. Instead it will go into a bank account we’ve created especially for the sand mandala tour. If you would rather donate directly to the Kilung Foundation and take a tax deduction, please do two important things: Let us know how much you are donating (leave a message in the commments section); and let the Kilung Foundation know that your donation is for the sand mandala tour. Kilung Foundation’s donation page is here .

Thank you so much!

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