About Us

The 2019 Sand Mandala Exhibit taking place in the Pacific Northwest is sponsored by:

The Kilung Foundation
& Pema Kilaya Sangha

Dza Kilung Rinpoche, a Tibetan Buddhist lama, leads both organizations. He will give public talks at each of the three exhibit locations.

Born and raised in Kham, eastern Tibet, Kilung Rinpoche is active in protecting and promoting Tibetan Buddhism all over the world. As an authenticated lama, teacher, in the Nyingma School, he continues to lead his monastery and community in Tibet, while guiding students in the Americas, Europe, and in Asia. Committed to making Tibetan Buddhist meditation accessible to a wide audience, he recently authored the volume, The Relaxed Mind: A Seven-Step Method for Deepening Meditation, published by Shambhala. His home base in the West is on Whidbey Island.

The Monks

A group of Tibetan lamas currently residing in Taiwan are traveling to the Pacific NW to help consecrate the new temple on south Whidbey Island. They were invited by Kilung Rinpoche, as consecrating a temple is a complex and detailed endeavor; and their knowledge of Buddhist ritual comes from decades of experience. They are also experienced in creation of sand mandalas, and as well sacred dance, which they may perform as part of this exhibit.

See photos of the monks.

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